We've got babies in the house again! At the beginning of last week we had one of the eggs in the incubator hatch. They kids were crowded around the incubator all day from the time the first pip was noticed until the chick finally managed it's way out after dinner.

They named her Chickory. And for that lonely week she was the most spoiled chick ever.  Then this past weekend the other egg started to hatch. It was a long day from early A.M to after 9 P.M when it finally emerged.

 This is Violet. She's special because her mom, Muffy, is our only Americauna hen. We've always wanted one of our blue eggs to hatch.

 Aren't they cute?

According to their feathers, they are both girls. You can see 2 rows of wing feathers- long ones with short ones in between. These will be our first female hatches too. Last time we hatched we got 3 roosters. And we haven't gotten our hands on Black Hat's chick to see about it.

On Wednesday morning, right on time, I discovered this under our broody hen. It's a peachick!

We were gone all day, but when we got home late that night we found it, out and dry under it's surrogate mama.

 Unfortunately, by yesterday afternoon it wasn't looking too well. It is very lethargic, off balance and generally weak looking. So we pulled it from the chicken and brought it in and under the lamp. It's hanging in there. We have to force it to drink and we haven't gotten it to eat yet. Hopefully it makes it! No signs of life from the remaining egg yet either. We will pull and candle it tomorrow if it's not hatching by then.

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