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We've been very relaxed lately with schoolish stuff. But here is a little of what they have been working on. Rylan has continued his tree list (of every tree he has seen). He's up to about 200 or so. Cale and Lakin spent some time creating with clay. I handed them a box of toothpicks and they went to town making creations like the one pictured. Cohen has spent a lot of time with the How to Draw Whales and Sharks book. He's getting pretty good at them too.



 I rearranged the school/play room. I moved a couple of desks in and a shelf out. I wanted to give Rylan and Cale their own space. Which Annika promptly took over.

Annika's room also got rearranged- you know the whole big girl room thing. The crib was taken apart, a full size mattress brought in. A tall shelf out and a shorter and wider one moved in.  She loves her knew room- rug, bed and the fact that she can almost reach the dolls she's not supposed to get down.




We went low key this year for Halloween. I really hate all the [junk] candy they get. I don't like how it makes them act or the increase in stomach complaints. Usually I give in, but this year the kids pulled together their own costumes using clothes and supplies already on hand and a trip to the thrift store. The little community center down the street held a trunk or treat last Saturday. It was small, very small. But it gave them the experience they wanted from Halloween.

Yesterday we attended a Halloween Festival for the local homeschoolers put on by our co-op. I made cupcakes for the cupcake walk, there were games, crafts, pizza, a bonce house. The kids had a great time. And when we got home Rylan made pumpkin cookies for their Halloween treat- which I much prefer to the junk they would have received anywhere else!

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