The Leaves on the Ground

Last weekend we worked outside.  Cutting wood, chopping wood, and stacking wood in preparation for the cold air we were to get blasted with during the week. 

The kids wanted to rake leaves too. I didn't think we had a good enough tree, but our flowering magnoila decided to drop a bunch and the boys got to work with their [garden] rakes piling them up.

This was Annika's first experience with leaves, that she remembers at least. Cale kept her entertained by burying himself and popping out at her.

I love taking leaf pictures, but sometimes the kids are less than accommodating and would rather play then pose for pictures or wait for me to be ready before they throw them :)

And sometimes little girls don't understand the meaning of stand with your brothers and would rather throw leaves instead of hold them.

And sometimes you get leaves thrown in your face after asking them to stand and hold leaves for such a picture. Even if you do ask that they throw them up instead.

Sometimes leaves can be dangerous. Or not so much the leaves- but the sticks and nuts and other randomness that can get raked up with the pile.

But it's still fun. To dive in them. And throw them until a full on fight ensues. And apparently it is the most fun to gang up on mom and throw them all on her together.

Two days later the wind started blowing and whistling and blew all the leaves away.


  1. Well, I think the leave pics are super-cute!

  2. lamely, all I think about when I see my kids playing in a pile of leaves is the bugs. So many possible bugs! But kids don't care :)