Volcanic Silhouettes Art Project

 I have seen a lot of artwork lately with silhouettes and I always love the effect. I found one volcano related the other day while looking around for ideas with Cale. So today we did a volcanic silhouette, combining a few different ideas. But basically- oil pastels, baby oil, and black paper.

Lakin- age 5

Cohen- age 7

Cale- age 9

Rylan- age 11

Annika- age 1 

I have a couple big complainers when it comes to art projects- and a couple who really love to do them. My biggest complainer did his best show today. He dislikes how his turned out. I like them all, but I can tell he did NOT put his best effort into his work, he was putting his best effort into proving he "couldn't" do it hoping I would let him quit mid-project.

You can find another great project using the same technique on Eclectic Momma and a lot of other art projects on my Art Pinboard.


  1. Thanks for the link! I was just thinking today looking at my kids projects what it would look like using the sun. We'll have to try these!!

  2. I love them all, especially Annika's. That's quite an explosion! Larkin did one of these this week with sea creatures.