{Review} Classical Historian Go Fish Game

I am always looking for ways to get more "play" into our school day, so we were all excited to try The Classical Historian's Go Fish Game to see it if it lived up to our expectations.

About the Game:


The Go Fish Game is a card game containing 50 cards depicting historical images in 12 different categories. Each set can be used to play 4 different games. The suggested ages are 5 and older (reading necessary)

  1.  Go Fish: This is the standard Go Fish we all grew up playing with a historical twist. Players must collect all 4 cards in each category before laying down their match.
  2. Collect the Cards: Players are read historical fact hints and try and guess which image is on the card.
  3. Chronology: Assemble the cards in chronological order in the fastest time!
  4. Geography: Players try to assemble all the cards under the correct continent in the fastest time.


What did we think?

We recieved the Ancient History version the the Go Fish Game. Cale and Cohen were excited to get started as soon as it arrived! The cards were well made, durable and nicely illustrated. They even stood up to my bunch who all seem to bend cards while playing games like these.


 What we liked best:

  • Go Fish is not my favorite game. Actually, my kids ask to play all the time and I usually suggest another game. To me it's always been sort of a pointless game, but I really enjoyed playing this with the kids. The historical facts gave a point to the game and added educational value. If you are going to play Go Fish go for one like this!
  • I liked that there were multiple games to be played with the deck. My oldest is too "old" for games like go fish, but does like trivia games so the Collect the Cards Game was right up his alley. Where as Go Fish suits the middle boys just fine.
  • The game does not overpower with factual information, but in the course of playing you learn historical association and facts. It is a gateway to finding more information. And questions like What is Stonehenge? or Who is Socrates? were heard often. 

What we had trouble with:

Over all we loved this game! And the kids have asked to play at least twice a week. The only thing  I had a little bit of a problem with was the hints given in the Collect the Cards version of the game were very vague and often only one or two words. The game has an opportunity to really teach what each of the images are about, if they only added a little more information to these hints.

Where to Buy:

 The Classical Historian offers 3 versions of the Go Fish Game: Ancient History, Medieval History and American History. They can be purchased for $11.95 each or $29.95 for all 3.

They also have a Memory Game version of the same 3 time periods which can be purchased for  $14.95 each or $39.95 for all 3. I think this looks perfect for the younger, non-reading set as well as the older kids.

The Classical Historian also offers a variety of complete history curriculum for grades 6 and up. See their website for full information.

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  1. This is so cool! Once my kids are old enough we will definitely be buying this game.