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I am too tired to write anything original on this, but here are a few links, and a few out-takes...I haven't had a chance to read through thoroughly, but I'll go back and take a closer look...

"The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 is purposely vague, leaving it opened to interpretation by the Government’s newest agency-The Food Safety Administration. The new agency has broad powers, powers that would allow them to order raids like the one on the Stowers against all small-scale family farmers and rural communities. Stalin would be impressed." (quoted here) Discussing this bill: HR 875

"...By Monsanto entering into the body of organic farming like a disease and morphing organic farms into industrial facilities, the farmer being forced to "treat" the land with chemicals and the animals with drugs, trapped into paying for what is unwanted, unsafe, unneeded, unconstitutional." (quoted here) Discussing this bill: S. 425 (and the above HR 875 )

Check out the question and answer pages on those last 2 links....they were informative...

NAIS will force owners of farm animals, even non-farmers who keep them as pets, to obtain a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) number for each animal they own. Every time an animal moves beyond the premises it is normally kept, its owner will have to file a report. If a pet goat crosses the street, a report would have to be filed." (quoted here) Discussing the NAIS (National Animal Identification System, which is a large part of the Smart Grid, which is included in the stimulus package

And finally the company- whose name is plastered all over just about all of the editorial pages...more info can be found here

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