Dinosaurs, Assignment 1

Make a list of at least 10 dinosaurs; half herbivores and half carnivores and find out how tall they were.

Create a graph of the heights. Label both axes.

Create a key for your graph.

Answer questions.

How tall was the tallest dinosaur? Shortest?
What type of dinosaur was the tallest? Shortest?
What was the average height of the herbivores? Carnivores?
Which group was taller on average?

I was very happy with how their projects turned out, and they were too. Cale complained his way through the initial list- until I let them watch a documentary on Allosaurus, then he finished very quickly. Today with the graphing part he didn't complain a bit. And they learned so much more than just the dinosaurs heights or how to read a graph. How to read a pronunciation guide, how to spell all these dinosaur's names, how to measure out a scale for the height axis so they were equally spaced and allowed enough room for the maximum height, how to find averages, how they really can write smaller and neater than they say they can and how writing so much really isn't so bad when you have a finished product you can be proud of...


  1. Very awesome project! Don't you love teaching when you can incorporate math with language arts and history, etc.? You must be a very proud mama! :)

  2. I love this idea! How old are your boys? I'm wondering if my 5 year old could handle this the next time he gorges himself on Dinosaur Train.