Where in the World?

We've been sick this week so we haven't done too much....a couple half finished projects and one easy one completed.

Armed with our 3 dinosaur books/encyclopedias, a big tub of plastic dinosaurs and a few maps they went to work. Identifying each unlabeled dinosaur, looking it up in the index of their book and finding out which continent(s) it was discovered on. As you can see by the huge pile, the majority of the dinosaurs we own were discovered right here in North America.

Once they were sorted by continent we began sorting them by time period...

With most being in the Cretaceous:

And the long-necked ones in the Jurassic

We were hard pressed to find a Triassic dinosaur. Cale scoured the book until he found a meat-eating, 2-leg walking, smaller dinosaur that resembled the little green one in the picture that lived in the Triassic. He decided it was a Coelophysis.

Our half finished projects are models of carnivore/herbivore teeth and models of 4 of the different theories of extinction- and we'll get them done next week.


  1. What a great dinosaur study you have all been doing. Really looks wonderful, educational and well put together. Thanks for sharing.