No, They're Not.

There is one thing I often get asked when me and the boys are out and about.

After they ask if they are all mine. After they comment on the fact that I don't have a daughter. After they ask if we are having any more. After they say I am brave.

"Are they always this good?!?"

Depending on my mood I answer different ways. I might just smile. Or I say "most of the time" or "only out in public" or simply "yes".
That's the easy answer.

The real answer?

No, they're not.

That's number 3 in their room. Number 4 in the house.

Their door is currently a curtain because they pretty much busted the door off the frame.

They have tempers that they haven't learned to control yet.

All of them.


  1. Raising boys is hard. It takes a special kind of person. I'm not always up to the challenge, although most days I can remind myself that Jesus was a little boy once too. We'll live through all this and laugh about it someday. Someday seems a long way off some days though. Next time someone asks if they're always that good, tell her the truth: they're sinners just like the rest of us and still on a very long road.

  2. I only have one...and he can be a handful. Three must be lots of fun. But, little boys can be so sweet, too.

  3. I can't remember if I just posted that you have 3 or 4 boys. lol. I meant four! It's late and I should be in bed. SORRY!

  4. I was rolling on the floor laughing after reading this one! So glad I'm not alone :) Sorry about the wall though.
    . . . The waterhose is great for "cooling" off those hot tempers!
    My walls have survived (so far), but we've lost a couple windows & I have to break up fights daily! They love being brothers & are the sweetest little boys, but in the turn of a toy can become the meanest as well.
    I'd still take 4 boys over 4 girls ANYDAY!
    . . . . So, are you still trying for the girl? (J/K, LOL)

  5. People always say the funniest things about other people's kids. Serves as a helpful reminder to remain sensitive to others.