Great Cup-struction

What can you do with 400 cups?

First there was the castle tower...

Which came toppling down with the touch of Bandit's tail. They would of been upset, but the fact that Bandit took off running and was scared to death was too funny.

Then the Coliseum- or the cup-iseum as they called it.

And the Eiffel Tower- or you know, the cup-fel tower....
That one took us a couple tries. The last fall was my fault- Rylan warned me not to add another cup to the tower on the top...but I didn't listen and I was the only one who could reach. After that they told me I had to take a picture after each cup I added...

We are working on a line that can reach up to the ceiling, but we haven't perfected the structure yet. A straight line starts to lean and fall when it's about 5 feet tall. If we curve the edges it can get a few rows higher. 6 feet is our max height so far. A curvy line is on the agenda for tomorrow.

They are also pestering their dad to get a couple more bags of cups....


  1. You are such a fun mom! That is awesome. :)

  2. Wow! You do an AMAZING job homeschooling. I do not homeschool but I will be "borrowing" your cup building idea on our next cold & rainy day!

  3. We did this at the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. The boys loved it. I'll have to get some cups and try it at home sometime.

  4. OH GOSH! A fort! I will so pass this on to the boys. :) Great work guys.