18th Century Trade Faire

This weekend we went to the 18th Century Trade Faire at Fort Loudoun. We visit the fort all the time but have never actually gone to see any of the reenactments. It was raining buckets all morning but it started to stop a bit around noon so we headed out. Our first stop was the fiddle player...

He was really sleepy I think, said he'd be driving for 2 days straight, but he finally picked it up and played some fast ones. I've always loved the fiddle and wish I had learned to play, Rylan loves the music too. I am trying to talk him into learning.....

Then the boys played with some of the toys set out while we waited for the battle reenactment.

They really enjoyed the battle.

With all the gun fire

and cannon fire

and the fallen soldiers.

Then we went to see the Budabi Brothers. Rylan had seen them listed on the schedule and really wanted to see them.

Especially the juggling with knives part. They juggled with fire too....and were entertaining to watch and listen to.

The final show of the day was the Beggar Boys. Which was more fiddle and music playing. Rylan, Cale and Cohen all said this was their favorite. Lakin's was the fighting.

We also looked through the medical supplies, watched the bread being made and cooked in the clay oven. We got home just in time for the next round of storms to roll through.


  1. Good post. 18th century living history needs more publicity like this, especially over here. A great family oriented activity.

  2. Looks so fun. We really wanted to go but didn't get too. I think Rohan would have been scared of the battle anyway. We haven't seen a battle reenactment yet. Maybe next year. I love the fiddle too. That's really the part I wanted to see.