September 17, 2010

I think I posted a very similar post this time last year- about a day of field trips....we did that again this year. We started at the UT gardens while Paul was in class....

Then we stopped to drop off some bread I entered into the fair. Our hope was that we could stick around until it opened- and you know, get in for free- but no such luck. We had to unload in under 10 minutes. So since we had time to kill we went to the zoo....

We didn't do much....went to some of their favorites and played mostly. Then we went to the fair. I personally don't care for the carnival part of the fair. But I do enjoy the animals and exhibits. The boys also wanted to check out the youth show and junior bakers contest results.

Our first stop was the Kerr Building, where they had the Youth Show exhibits. You can see Rylan's hand picture below...

And Cale's Squash Frankenstein, which he entered for Holiday Decorations. He was so excited to see the ribbon hanging on it! (2nd place)

This is the drawing Cohen entered- none of their paintings or drawings placed- but they were okay with that...

Here's the Christmas ornament can see Rylan's egg, the bottom of Cohen's green egg at the bottom center and the head of Cale's snowman in the center left. It was hard to see very well- but it looked like Rylan's had a 3rd place, Cale a 2nd and Cohen a 1st. We can't pick up those exhibits and ribbons until Monday after the fair is we will find out then for sure.

They also found out the results of their cupcakes, brownies and cookies in the Junior Bakers competition.

Rylan received 2nd place in both is brownies and cookies

Cale received 2nd for his cookies and 4th for his brownies

And Cohen received 4th for his cookies.

They were all very excited! They put a lot of work into their baked goods, so I am very proud of them.
(and in case anyone was bread placed 3rd)