The No-Work Garden

This was one of my sweet potato plants- back in June when they were first planted. I planted about 18 plants I think. They are back in the fenced yard with the dogs and chickens so I put up a little fence made of wood posts and netting to keep them out until they were big enough to fend for themselves. Then I sort of forgot about them.

This is my sweet potato garden today:

nice, huh?

If you look really closely you can see the plants....but mostly it's weeds. The fence fell long ago. The dogs and chickens have rolled and dug and played in it. The plants really didn't get very big. But we left them, hoping that more was going on under the soil. Yesterday, in a break in the 2 day rain we've had, Cale was poking around and saw a "huge" one poking out of the ground and he began to work on getting it out.

That one turned into about 6 pretty good sized ones. The 'huge' one he saw was actually really big. Bigger than any we've gotten at the store at least.

We had sweet potato biscuits for dinner, which we all love and hadn't had in a really long time.


  1. Ok, now THAT sounds like my kind of gardening....take care of it for a wee bit, then just let it go!!