Tennessee Valley Fair

This year Rylan, Cale and Cohen decided to enter a couple things into the Youth Show at the Tennessee Valley Fair. They chose categories like Christmas decorations, paintings, drawings and holiday decoration. They also entered into the confection category of the Junior Bakers. Cale and Rylan did brownies. Cohen and Cale did cupcakes and all 3 did cookies. I forgot to take pictures of some of their entries....hopefully I will get them back (the claim tickets went through the wash....) and can show them then.

Here is Cale's holiday decoration. It's a spaghetti squash Frankenstein. He LOVED it!

Rylan's drawing. This is the 3rd he's done of this type and I always love how they turn out.

Cohen's Christmas ornament....

Those were all due this past Wednesday. The confections are due tomorrow morning. So we baked today. ALL DAY. I lost count of how many times I washed my mixing bowl. They did a great job and I just over saw it all- and helped when needed.

Here are Rylan's rocky road brownies. We only need 6 for the we get to eat the rest. They are SO good.

Cale's Dulce de Leche brownies. We've been making dulce de leche in the crock pot recently and he loves it....

More of Cale's brownies. They are really good too.

Then they all did decorated cookies.

So they did sugar cookies with royal icing.

And of course lots of sprinkles. I couldn't talk them out of tons of sprinkles...

Then the cupcakes. They both did really well with the pastry bag...

Cohen's close up

Again, lots of sprinkles....
but they looked great and both were very happy with the finished product.

Cale's close up


  1. They look so good. Good luck! I bet everybody's going to be on a sugar high after today!

  2. I would be giving out so many blue ribbons if I were the judge, and I haven't had the pleasure of tasting them! They look SO good. All of it! Recipes?