Computer Troubles and Random Details

  • Our iMac has been having issues the past 3 weeks. It all started with an update gone bad. We took it to the Apple Store in Knoxville and the tech told us he'd seen at least 4 other machines with the same problem due to that update. Apparently it didn't work for our type of iMac. What is did do is corrupt the hard drive. We saved all files and rebooted the system. All was fine. For a week. Then it would load but the desktop was empty and I couldn't find access any files. Not a good thing on a Sunday night when I needed to print up the week's lessons. A failed attempt to reboot from the disk somehow restored it all. So this week it has had issues starting and we've had to restart a couple times in the morning before it would start up completely. As of Sunday morning it is gone. The hard drive is gone, fried, something. We can't even reboot from the disk. We are 2 days away from our 1 year warranty expiration. We have had no problems before this, they have great customer service, BUT it's a little frustrating that one of THEIR updates messed up our whole computer. Of course what worries me most is the fact that I am not positive all my pictures from the last year are backed up. At least half of them are online somewhere....
  • We've had a rather boring last few weeks. I've had my camera out twice I think. We did some fishing, did our school work- though nothing particularly fun and exciting, the boys are finishing up the items they plan to enter into the county fair this year....
  • This weekend we went 'camping'. As in it was spur of the moment and being labor day we figured all the real campgrounds were full, so we set up camp in the back yard. We roasted (fake)hotdogs and hamburgers wrapped in foil were throwing in the ashes. We had outgrown our 4 person tent-which we had been stuffing our family of 6 in for the past few years....but we found a 12 person tent at the store for a deep discount so for once Paul and I weren't squashed at the feet of 4 boys to sleep. It finally cooled off....so we woke up seeing our breath in the morning.
  • I am getting close to my 3rd trimester...how come 13 weeks sounds not too long but 3 months sounds SO long?

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  1. Ohhhh, so glad you are getting this in under warranty! That's amazing that they ADMITTED it was their update that did it! Wow. :)