I needed to order a couple new school books, so while I was at it I filled my shopping cart with a bunch of random items I thought might provide a little bit of a pick-me-up to our currently dull school days.

In our package was-

a couple packages of origami paper and a few packages of construction paper

other various art supplies- more chalk pastels, metallic oil pastels, triangular colored pencils and new sketch books.

Light and sound kit for the boys to play around with.

Space sand. Not to be confused with Moon Sand. This stuff is pretty neat. You can build and mold it underwater and it is completely dry when you bring it back out.

Mad Libs. Who doesn't like mad libs? I got this junior version for Cohen and 2 original ones for Cale and Rylan.

and a couple other things to get them thinking.


  1. New stuff is so fun, isn't it? Looks like fabulous choices. Hope everyone has a blast with it!!

  2. I use alot of the same materials...Mad Libs are so much fun. I love the AVKO sequential spelling, too. Do your kids like "Draw Write Now?"