A Hike to Grotto Falls

Lately Rylan and Cale have been pouring over our Tennessee Waterfall book deciding which falls they want to go see. So since the weather is warming up we decided to head up to the mountains and hike up to one of the falls.

Of course the day of our planned hike turned out NOT to be warm, 45 at the trailhead. But Annika was bundled up and the boys all had layers on so we headed on up the mountain to see Grotto Falls.

My dad (aka Grampy) came with us. And everything is more exciting with Grampy. It was nice having the extra hands and feet, since Cale and Rylan are much faster than Cohen and Lakin.

It's about 1.4 miles up to the falls. Lakin made it about half way before Paul had to carry him on his shoulders. 4 creeks to cross. Muddy trails.

Here they are walking behind the falls. Rylan wanted to continue on to Le Conte, but that will have to wait until everyone is able to walk the entire way on their own.

It got significantly cooler right by the water so I didn't take Annika too close, but she woke up in time to see and hear the water.

After a rest and a snack we were ready to head back down. Lakin was freezing about this time and Paul was tired of carrying him so he got my jacket and got pepped up by sloshing through every bit of mud he could find.

Then Cohen got cold and they swapped the jacket when Lakin got tired of it.

Back at the car ready to get warm and cleaned up. Cale's pants were wet and muddy about half way up his legs!

On our way through the motor trail we stopped to see the Place of 1000 Drips before heading on our way home

They are already paging through the book to see which one they want to go see next. It's been a long time since Paul and I have been to Frozen Head or Big South Fork, so maybe we'll go there next.


  1. The falls look lovely. Maybe our family will hike there next.

    We camped at Frozen Head last fall. The falls are all but dried up. Maybe a trickle of water here & there. The park ranger said that the falls have been dry for awhile. It makes for good rock climbing though. We still loved it & would definitely camp there again.

  2. what a nice hike. How wonderful.
    Very beautiful place. When the time comes and we can move to Tennessee that's where we would like to visit.

    Thanks for sharing,