Light: Expansion, Translucency and Shadows

Yesterday we did a couple of activities dealing with how light expands as it moves outward.
First we focused our beam of light on a small object so that the light only hit the object. Then slowly moving backwards and watch the light beam grow larger and larger.

Then we split the beam into rays and shadows to observe how only the center ray travels straight ahead, while the others spread out to the sides.

Cale's notebook:

Finally they made designs on tinfoil and placed them on a cup with a flashlight inserted through a hole in the bottom. They played around in the dark seeing how big they could get their designs to expand on the wall.

We finished yesterday by testing and classifying items according to their translucency. They gathered items and decided if they were transparent, translucent or opaque.

Today we talked about shadows. We read the book What Makes a Shadow, played around with making shadow animals with our hands and made silhouettes.

Can you tell who's who?

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  1. I think they go in order of Rylan Cale bottom- Cohen and Lakin. I have to admit Rylan and Cohen were easier to spot.