Garden 2011

We've been gardening for quite awhile and my plan for 2011 isn't really much different than past years. The growing season has just started and I have peas, lettuce, radishes and spinach currently in the ground. I would show pictures, but it's raining. Again. And I haven't taken any yet. But I do have a couple current year pictures:

We have 5 raised beds. A 16' x 16' , an 8' x 32', two 8' x 8' and an 8' x 16' strawberry bed. We also have a plot that is about 10' x 10' that is not raised. Other than that we have fruit trees and raspberries along the fence and a couple flower beds.

This is our pear tree. So far we've not had much luck with fruit trees. We have plum, apple and nectarine that are at least 6 years old now and they haven't ever given us any fruit. We planted this pear tree last year after I read that pear is one of the easiest trees to grow and there are very few pests for it.

We have much better luck with soft fruits. We have blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and last year we planted these bush cherries.

Other than that our garden is currently inside. I have lemon cucumber, cucumbers, zucchini, basil, chives, patty pan squash..

Lots of tomatoes and peppers.

Once it warms up corn, okra, sweet potatoes, more herbs and butternut squash will go in.

As far as goals....I want to do better than my pathetic attempt of gardening with morning sickness last year and more along the lines of our 2009 garden.

2010 Strawberries

If you look on my sidebar, there is an In Our Garden button. That will take you to all my posts tagged with gardening. So if you want to know how to fight squash bugs, how to make a quick tomato sauce, how to turn all those Cabbage Moth Butterflies into a lesson in life cycles or recipes for all those zucchini that's the place to go.

2010 Tomatoes

I love that my boys are as excited as I am to go out and pick the produce. I love that they eat the peas straight from the pods and tomatoes and berries straight from the plant.


  1. I would really love to try raised beds-our ground bed gets so many weeds. My garden get entirely out of hand by mid July. Thanks for linking up from the HSV Team. The next link up is April 28 :)

  2. I have never grown tomatoes with just one post, how does that work? Do you have to tie it up?

  3. Followed you over from Living and Learning. Nice to "meet" you :). Pregnancy and illness and depression have kept me from gardening for the past four years. But not this year. I'm doing it!!

  4. No snow covering your garden? You're one lucky mama! We're still waiting for the thaw. Last year we had it planted by April 12th. This year I don't even think the ground will be thawed by then! Looking forward to your posts of gardeny goodness...