Spring Break

Started with going to Douglas Lake. I forgot my camera. Actually, I remembered my camera but forgot the battery I had taken out to charge. It was a nice day, warm and sunny. The water was a little high but we did find a few Douglas Diamonds. And lots of additions for the nature table.

Quartz actually, but some looked very diamond-like.

Sunday Paul had to work so we hung around the yard and in the garden.

Yesterday we drove up to Towsend to see how the fishing was.

It's still probably a little early in the season.

We only caught one fish.

Today was supposed to be rainy, so we went up to the Aquarium in Gatlinburg with my dad.

Annika enjoyed the fish...until she fell asleep.

It was nice, but a little crowded since it is Spring Break for a lot of other people too.

Tomorrow we are off to hike to Grotto Falls

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  1. Hi There,
    Wow I love all your outside activities. I can't wait for spring here up North. Looks like a great way to get out of the funk, we need to also. We have been so blah lately. Come on warmer weather. :) Anyway, love the activities.