First Picks

The strawberry patch across the street from us opened this week. They have a really early variety and since I still refuse to buy berries from the store and ours here at home are green and only about an inch long we decided to head over yesterday afternoon.

I prepped the kids before we left- we still have a freezer full from our own garden last year, so I told them we were only picking what we could eat in a couple days. We only took one basket to help with that.

But, you see, my family has a problem when it come to picking fresh produce. We really don't know how to stop. It happens with strawberries, peaches, blueberries....

So while we only took one basket, the man at the farm gave us another. And we filled our basket within about 5 minutes. So we picked more. But we didn't go too much over- we only got about 6.5 lbs. And we took some down to a friend.

And today I got enough spinach and lettuce thinnings to make my lunch- with strawberries of course.

I am hoping the cooler, more spring-like weather holds a little longer so that the lettuce, spinach and peas have a chance to grow better. Especially since my self-seeded cilantro has already begun to bolt in the 80 degree temps we had last week.

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  1. Those strawberries look divinely delicious! Can't wait for fresh strawberries here!