Spruce Flat Falls

Today we went up to see Spruce Flatt Falls which is in the Tremont Section of the Smoky Mountains. The trail is just behind the staff apartments and it isn't really well marked, just a small sign saying "falls trail".

My dad came with us again and shared his knowledge of Smoky Mountain wildflowers. Rylan and Cale were pretty good at remembering all the different types we saw by the time we got back to the car.

The trail has some steep parts and has some rocks and roots to watch out for. But it winds along the side of the mountain and there were a lot of nice views as we went along.

I am the type that can trip over my own two feet so not being able to see my feet made me a little nervous at times. But Annika didn't seem to notice. I will be glad when she is big enough for a backpack since the sling really isn't the best hiking attire.

photo by William Britten

The trail is only about a mile to the falls and when you get close it's a steeper grade down to the bottom.

photo by William Britten

The falls are beautiful and has a few different levels to it. The upper portion is visible as you come down the trail but this is the biggest drop.

Lakin, Annika and I stayed below

photo by William Britten

While the bigger boys, Paul and my dad climbed up the rocks to get a closer look.

photo by William Britten

Then it was time to go back so we made our way back up the trail. Stopping every now and then to observe the flowers or climb the rocks.

And Rylan has had his nose stuck in the wildflower guide my dad got for him ever since.

I see a wild flower hike in the near future.

To see more of my dad's Smoky Mountain Photos visit his website or visit him at his gallery next time you are in Gatlinburg


  1. What a beautiful trip! I totally understand about the sling. I have stepped on the kids toes more times than I can count in the last few weeks. But they do love being in the sling so! :)



  2. I came across your blog when I was searching for fellow homeschoolers! :) Looks like a lovely hike, and an extra good workout for you carrying that adorable baby!