This and That

More random.


Last week we studied reflection, diffused reflection and how the eye works.
We learned the parts of the eye and what they do and did an virtual eye dissection.

Today we started in on refraction and lens types

I made cookies to try out a new recipe and designs.

This one is supposed to be a Trillium... the best I can do at midnight.

and last month I entered this contest:

I made these Sweet Potato- Date Scones. I posted them over on Morning Glory Bakes, which is a blog I started to focus on my baking.

I got a call this past Friday that my recipe won in the Sugar Free category! They publicly announced the winners today on the Sweet Bytes Blog- check out all the other great sweet potato recipes! I am sure this fall after we harvest this year's crop I will be trying lots of these new recipes!


  1. Yay on the sweet potato win! It's nice to know we're not the only sugar-free family out there... ;) School looks interesting~ we're on an extended spring break! This happens to us every year when the weather warms! :)