Garden Update

I got a late start to my seeds this year. Usually they are busting out of their little pots by the time April comes along, this year at the time I usually plant out they were still fairly tiny. But then we had frosts late and by the time I could actually plant them out they were outgrowing their pots once again. The lettuce, spinach and radishes are feeding us daily. The peas are almost 2 ft tall and full of blossoms. The tomatoes- all 38 plants so far planted- are growing nicely. I have about 15 small, late planted tomatoes left to put out. But I need it to stop raining. We've been having a lot of rain. Which is good. But lots at one time and severe thunderstorms, not to mention the tornado last month that ripped apart homes about 2 miles from mine....I would like the atmosphere to calm down just a bit.

Last week we got the cucumbers, zucchinis, okra and edamame in the ground. They boys helped plant the flower bed- which is more of a wild sprinkling of seeds: cosmos, flax, morning glory, marigold, sunflower and a few more I am sure. Most of these are saved from the year before.

This was [part] of our dinner Tuesday night. I wish I had more pictures to show, I had planned to go out last night and take a couple, but we sat in our hall way from about 4 pm on last night with one tornado warning after another until close to midnight. If I ever hear my town take cover on the news that many times again it will be too soon. So later once it's clear I will go out and make sure my garden/yard held up in the hail and wind.


  1. Your harvest looks wonderful! I understand what you mean about the tornado warnings - we are in Georgia and it was a little dicey here last night. Our garden is ok, but I'm just praying for so many people who are not.

    I enjoyed your post!


  2. Goodness, the weather has been so fierce everywhere! So many of my blogger friends have been talking about the tornadoes, tennis ball sized hail, and fierce storms! Hope your garden made it through the storms safely! :)

  3. Your harvest so far looks wonderful. I really wanted to plant some edamame, but we couldn't find any seeds locally. Next year I'll have to order them earlier.

    Glad you're safe and the garden survived. :)