This week started out rather uneventful. School work, co-op with friends, etc.

Annika can sit up by herself ...

Though, eventually she gets tired and still ends up like this.

The end of the week was a little more eventful- terrifying actually. And we spent Friday night fishing off near the Ft. Loudon Dam, trying to get my oldest into better spirits after an ambulance ride and day long stay in the ER on Thursday.

All we caught was this though...

But the weekend looks nice- 80 degree weather. Which means it's 80+ in our house since I refuse to turn on the AC in April. Good weather to get out of the house and attempt to forget this week ever happened.

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  1. Hope that you have a lovely, uneventful weekend! Annika is such a sweetie, hard work figuring out that sitting thing! :)