The Cicada Stick

That's what is sitting on my table right now. 2 bucket-fulls of cicada shells. They've been clinging on shirts and fingers and today Cale and Lakin made cicada sticks.

Foral foam, a bowl, a skewer and a couple pipe cleaners.

And of course you need cicadas.

They had problems with some of the bugs not clinging, until they looked closer and saw that the first set of legs were sharper and that set of legs was the one to hang them by.

One goes up, one goes down...


  1. Dear Sadie,
    I'm a homeschool mom in Ohio, my oldest is only finishing K this week. And while my crew consists of soon to be 3 girls and one boy, your all boy homemschool blog has been such a huge blessing and wellsping of inspiration for our lesson plans this past year. I just figured it was time to say Thank you, instead of just silently stalking your page :o) So, thank you :o)


  2. You are such a great homeschool mom! I also need to come out of just lurking. You remind me of a friend who had ant farms, a warm farm, and a snake on her kitchen counter! I always crack up about it since she was scared to death of creep crawlers. But, she had boys and tried to push herself to let them explore!

    Blessins, Carmen

  3. Lol~ that is hilarious! What a fun project, there really is a use for just about anything! Too bad we don't have cicadas around here, my girls would have a blast with that one!! :)

  4. Wow, I can't believe how many you have. For a kids' book on cicadas, check out Cecily Cicada (here on amazon: http://amzn.to/iZ6laL)

  5. Oh wow! What a great, fun project to do with all of the cicada shells! Those bugs have been driving me CRAZY the last couple of weeks. They are so loud and they are just everywhere. The dogs don't mind, as they have been eating them (gulp), and the boys don't mind because they think it's been all kinds of funny to leave those around for me to find since they love the reaction they get out of me (bugs of any sort make me go "Ack!" lol).

    Thanks for sharing! Now off to the yard to do some collecting... :)

    Mom to a 6 year old boy who would rather eat brussel sprouts (Ack!) and take a bath (Gasp!), than do homeschool spelling.

  6. Our boys would LOVE each other! Shaking my head...boys will be boys. HA HA