Growing Green

The garden is starting to pick up, with warm days and lots of rain this spring, the peas and strawberries are growing strong.

Our strawberry bed is in a slow year, the heat (and the weeds) last year made them a little weaker. Last Mother's Day I picked nearly 3 basket-fulls...this year I got about half a basket:

Tomatoes are starting to take off....this is my main tomato bed. About 20 plants. Over behind the slide you can see in the background of this picture I have about 20 more.

Peas are growing tall. 5ft in some spots. The I have 2 8ft rows and at some points the boys have to crawl through the jungle of vines to get to the pods they want.

So far none have made it into the house...not many strawberries have either. We all like to snack when we are in the back yard.

Even the littlest gets in on the pea-stealing


  1. Everything looks great! I was late planting this year, (kind of surprised I made it at all!) and do the peas and lettuce are just coming up! Can't wait until my girls can pick peas and munch them like you already are! :)

  2. Your garden looks great - so neat and tidy! :)