The Replacements

This year we let each of the boys choose special chicks. Cale has been begging for a crested chicken for the longest time, so he chose a polish. We got 2- a buff and a white polish. One for Rylan and one for Cale. They are both yellow as chicks so we don't know who's who yet.

Bu they are pretty cute with the big pompadours on their heads. And names? So far I think they are named Fluffington Hat and Pearl.

We got a couple black Australorp chicks. One is named Shadow....after Shadow...

We are trying new types in general this time- Speckled Sussex, Brahmas with feathered feet, Partridge Rocks, Columbian Wyandottes, Delawares....

Lakin and Cohen chose top hat chicks too. Lakin's is a Mottled Houdan

It doesn't have quite as much fluff on it's head....but it does have this:

An extra toe! Her name is Black Hat.

And this...

Is Cohen's Crevecoeur- Francine.


  1. What lovely little chicks! We, too, tried some different breeds this year, I can't even keep them all straight... but I bet my girls can! :)

  2. That is it! I am moving so I can have my own chickens! They are so pretty.