New Toys

Last month I mentioned that I won the grand prize in a Sweet Potato Recipe contest. And my prize ($2000!) came in the mail last week. Paul- and a few others- pressed me to spend at least part of it on myself instead of saving it like usual....

So I went Everything Kitchens.

The most important new item:

An empire red, 6 qt Professional Series KitchenAid Mixer. My old 5 qt was wearing down, the motor sounds sort of pitiful when I make too big batches of dough.

The other items were just things I have wanted over the years but would never spend the money on them.

A new waffle maker. I have one that works, but I have always wanted a heart shaped one.

A tortilla/flat bread maker. I have gotten out of the habit of making my own since they are time consuming, and with Annika being so little it is not time I have. So when I saw they had a tortilla maker that works for flour tortillas instead of just corn I really wanted to get it.

And finally....

This is the picture from the website since it is hard to photograph- but it's a 9 tray Excalibur Food Dehydrator. I am already planning what I can make with this year's garden produce.


  1. Wow, what a fabulous prize! I'm going to have to look into that dehydrator, looks great!! :)

  2. Be sure to tell us what you dehydrate. I found one (not an Excaliber) at Goodwill. It has a thermostat on it. yay. But I'm not exactly sure what I'll dehydrate beyond (soaked) nuts.

  3. What a great way to spend some of the prize money. We hope to purchase a dehydrator in the next month also. This will be a first for us with drying the harvest from the garden.

  4. Congratulations on your win! What a fabulous prize!

    I look forward to seeing all you create with your new toys. I'm trying hard not to covet your heart waffle maker :)

  5. I am so jealous, girl!

    Awesome for you!

    Please tell me how the food dehydrator works for you. I want one so bad.