Babies, Books and Other Random

I had grand plans for this past week- the boys started their summer checklists. Basically the things that need to get done throughout the week- putting clothes away, taking compost out, picking up, reading- habits I want to change and don't want to constantly nag about. I also had plans for a daily craft hour. To keep boredom away and because there is a long list of things I wanted to do but never got to....

We got to Monday morning- and we made paper beads. To later be made into paper bead stars.

That was about 10 am Monday morning. About noon, my temperature began to rise and by dinner time it was 102. Aches, pains, headache and sore throat. Counting the minutes until Paul got home to hand off the baby. Thankfully, most of the kids are old enough to entertain themselves and they get along, but babies don't really understand the concept of a sick day. 3 days of a fever and 5 days of an awful sore throat before Paul had a day off on Friday and I could get in to see a Doctor to get diagnosed with what I already knew I had- Strep. 2 doses of antibiotics and I was already feeling better.

But on to happier things-

tomato flowers

and baby zucchini
And babies....

She is 5 months old today.

Sits pretty well, till she gets excited and starts kicking and topples.

Loves her dolls. I find that interesting. The differences. My boys were drawn to cars even at this age, and even though they pile her with monster trucks, you can tell she prefers the dolls...

And I really should get her one to replace this one, cause it's sort of creepy looking. Toy Story 3 makes me think it's even more creepy looking. Not quite in a Child's Play way, but still...

And it was given to her by one of her brothers who got it from my sister Amy. Can you tell it came from a boy?

Like everyone says, about her being spoiled....She can't cry with out someone popping into entertain her. And lately read to her.

Her favorite is Look, Look!

She does like her books though.

Which makes reading to the boys that much easier.


  1. Great post!! :) All those photos made me smile, to see a baby so loved and adored is a wonderful thing. I'm also itching to pick that zuchinni and saute it up... yummy! Can taste in now! Glad you're feeling better. :)

  2. Oh, but you have a house full of cute children! I have just the opposite in birth oldest is a girl and the next four are boy's. Thank you so much for stopping by, came back anytime and I promise to do the same.

  3. STOP MAKING ME WANT A GIRL AGAIN! Ha ha ha! I love how brothers swarm her! :) Same thing here with my two older boys and baby Noah. Enjoy that sweet girl. :)