Birthday Bowling

This year the boys decided they wanted their party at the bowling alley. They've only ever bowled once before, unless you count Wii- on which they play bowling often.

Cohen's all decked out in bowling shoes and his new- much wanted birthday present- hat ready to start the game.

There was a variety of throwing styles.

From a swing to a push

To a very slow roll.

I think all of us parents were surprised that the floor didn't give way due to all the throwing of heavy bowling balls on our lanes.

But there were strikes and spares and celebrating...

And cake and ice cream too.

We broke up the celebrations this year and Rylan's cake was had with Paul's family during the week, so he blew out candles on the ice cream at the party.

They also went with flavors this year, as opposed to fancy shaped cakes. Which was nice and easy for me. Cale chose chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. His was chocolate, chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream cheese icing with chocolate chips in the layers and around the outside. They have all already told me that this is the cake they want next year.

Cohen wanted chocolate mint. His was fun to make, although it didn't turn out how I wanted. My house is too hot and humid for ganache to set up right. But his was chocolate mint cake, with whipped mint butter cream (LOTS of it- especially on the top) covered in chocolate ganache.

It was really good- even though it wasn't as pretty.

Happy birthday, Boys!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I had to laugh about the floor giving way--that's how my kids bowl, too! (And even me, sometimes!)

    The cakes all look delicious! Happy birthday to all!

  2. Looks like a fun party! Hope they had a great birthday.