This week I unplugged my kids. It's not that they watch all that much TV or play all that many video games, but I had noticed a change. For years we've had "movie time". It's always been about the 30 min before dinner- while I am cooking. But then the time gradually got a little longer. Thanks to Netflix the boys have a plethora of things to watch- and cycle through their favorites- X-men, He-man, Garfield, Inspector Gadget. (and I get to re-live all those shows I watched when I was a kid....) And with Annika waking up from her nap just before I make dinner, Paul getting home just after we usually eat, dinner time gradually got later and movie time stayed the same. So that 30 min turned into an hour or more. Then they got a Wii a year ago and that tech time has been added in. Again- they only get about 20 min each. But times 4 and the fact that they all watch each other- that's a lot of screen time.

We were beginning to have issues.
Issues with bickering and rudeness
Issues with boredom
Issues with whining about those movies and video games.

So I cut them off. Told them they were unplugged for a week. No movie, no Wii, no computer except for school.

There was some whining. Some complaining. Lots of "why!?!"

But you know what? They survived. And so did I .

Plus I could really tell a difference in all of them. Their attitudes improved. They argued less.

And They got busy.

Spent more time out back in the farm yard. Spoiled their chickens something awful. Taught them "tricks". They will be our tamest birds yet.

They got a lot of work done on their projects for the fair. Plus some extra ones too. They discovered making things out of duct tape. And all I can say is thank goodness Paul gets it at a discount from work.

So Sunday they are able to plug back in. But I think I will make some changes. And I will probably be periodically repeating this week. It did everyone a lot of good.


  1. Fabulous! It's amazing to see the changes that come about when you unplug. I find that when we get lax on our "screen time rules" you can totally tell the difference in how the boys are acting to each other and to us. Every so often we do the same thing (totally unplug) and it always makes me smile to see the things they come up with instead of the stuff they've unplugged from. :)

  2. This is such a great idea! My kids don't get that much TV either, but I find I use it as my crutch when I want to get something done. My 8 year old is always good about finding something to do, but I need to get better about having a craft or project ready to go for my 2 year old.

  3. We don't watch all that much TV either, but like you said, all the "little" adds up! I've been contemplating an unplugged week sometime soon... We have revival coming up in a few weeks- might be a good time to do it! Thanks for the reminder on how GOOD life can be when you unplug!

  4. Love the idea! Especially when the weather is so nice.

  5. We need a week (or more) like that.

  6. Wonderful blog. I totally understand the need to unplug. We have done it many times and it always leads us to give up more things up on a permanent basis. Thank you for sharing your heart! Carlie from So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler.

  7. Your unplugged week sure made for some great photos! :) Look how much they crafted with their hands! Things that matter and can still be seen...