Virtual Art Show

Just a few unshared art projects...

Cale has been on a drawing kick lately. He's been drawing his stuffed toys mostly. Here's his Captain America drawings:

We did a chalk bird drawings using chalk pastels.

I never would have thought getting them to draw a song bird would be so hard. But it was. They kept drawing chicks. But after they got the shape sort of right they turned out very pretty.

I like using chalk and oil pastels. I like the boldness of the colors and how smooth and rich the finished pieces are. Rylan on the other hand can't stand chalk. He especially hates when I make him smudge it. But I do make him do it. If he can get messy in the mud he can get messy with chalk.

We also painted sunbursts.

This is my new favorite way of painting with them. We draw the outline of the picture in white oil pastel before we paint then the picture stays a little neater and the outline more bold.

Here is Lakin's clay owl. He made a sunburst and bird too, but I didn't get a picture for some reason. I think we'll make these owls again with real clay as opposed to my homemade. They cracked as they dried, which was disappointing since they were really cute.

Another of Cale's newest subjects (from a stuffed animal too) is Mike. My house is COVERED in Mike.

And Mike-like drawings.

He's even taught Cohen how to draw Mike.

Cohen and I have been doing a lot of drawing together. It's been working well and I can see his drawings improving when we work like this together. We'll decide on what to draw them I will do it step by step telling him what to do each time.

We've drawn a raccoon.

And Arthur

And this afternoon we made a rainbow in the same style as our sunbursts. (This is my favorite)


  1. They are all so good. That bottom one is my favorite too.

  2. What fabulous art projects! We have started getting more serious about our art here, too, and the boys are loving the new "stuff" I'm bringing home to use. My oldest really enjoyed the oil pastels. Your work is lovely!! :)

  3. I LOVE the bird drawings and the sunbursts! So colorful! And the Captain Americas are wonderful!

    That's so sweet that your older son taught his brother to draw Mike! Monsters, Inc. is one of our favorites.

    My kids have requested more art for the upcoming school year--it seems like I'm always waiting for the "perfect moment" instead of just creating something.