Evolution of a Board Game

This week my boys have been making games. I'm not sure when or how it started but it did. And how do 4 year old's games differ from 10 yr old's game? Well I'll show you.

Lakin- age 4

His doesn't have a name. But if you look close you can see and L and an A in it. Those mean you go back to start. He has since made another row on it.

Cohen- age 6
His game is called "Ted". It has two 'go back 9 spaces' and one 'go back 1 space'. And you have to turn around and go back when you get to the dead end in order to get to finish.

Cale- age 8

This one is called "Twist". See the arrows? They mean go back a space. Cale's made a few different versions and making these games came from him. He is getting more involved when he makes them- especially after seeing Rylan's....

Rylan- age 10
His is called "Bear Hunters" and this picture is only half of it. There are all sorts of instructions on the spaces. You have to pass a troll and a mad man. You have to collect bears (bear counters) and bullets (bingo chips) and have to have 20 or so of each before you can win.

Lakin and Rylan playing "Bear Hunters"

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