From My Camera

My baking buddy...

Baby in a bucket
Going for a ride with Daddy

Going for a ride with Rylan

Working on projects

Working with clay

More bugs in jars in my living room

Feeding said bug in a jar
The bug that's destroying my eggplant (and what the bug-in-a-jar is eating)

Baby watermelon

Morning Glories

Lots of Morning Glories

Hummingbird, way up in the tree. Do you see it?

8 months old, playing with ribbon

8 months old today....and I've lost my favorite portrait chair due to mobility.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Looks like you all are having lots of fun.

  2. Love it! What kind of bug is the lime green one? We had a couple of those here and had quite the discussion about what it was and wasn't...and never came to a final decision. :)

  3. I love how that baby just fits in and goes along with you all. :)