The Blue Ribbon

Yesterday was the last day of the TN Valley Fair, so this morning we headed back over to the fairgrounds to pick up the boys' entries and to see if they won anything.

We decided to make a morning of it and stopped at the zoo for a bit before hand. This is my favorite time to go to the zoo. It's cool and it's empty. We mostly went to play- but stopped to see the rhinos, otters and baby red pandas.

Before heading down to the kid's zoo. We brushed goats, played on the slides and in the sand before heading on our way to the fairgrounds next door.

So did they win anything?


Here's a run down of their prizes:


Decorated Cookies: 1st
Decorated Cupcakes: 3rd
Brownies: 1st (and Best of Show candidate)
Cereal Squares: 1st (and Best of Show candidate)

Youth Show:

Clay Pot: 3rd
Christmas Ornament: 2nd
Holiday Decoration: 2nd
Recycled Item: 3rd
Made from Paper: 2nd

Below is Cale's holiday decoration...I haven't shared it before because he whipped it out about an hour before we left to drop off the entries. Procrastination at its best!



Decorated Cupcakes: 1st (and BEST of Show)
Decorated Cookies: 2nd
Brownies: 4th
Trail Mix: 1st
Any Other Cookie: 3rd

Youth Show:

Christmas Ornament: 1st
Bird House: 2nd
Bird Feeder: 2nd
Holiday Decoration: 2nd

Here is Rylan's bird feeder- again not shared before because procrastination runs in the family.



Decorated Cupcakes: 2nd
Decorated Cookies: 3rd
Brownies: 2nd

Youth Show:

Clay Item: 1st
Christmas Ornament: 3rd
Holiday Decoration: 1st
Drawing: 2nd

They each also received a couple Creditable Mention ribbons- but honestly they were flinging things at me and all saying LOOK! at the same time that I am not quite sure which items got those.

I am so proud of their hard work and all they put into their entries. And they are so happy with the ribbons- and the $35, $34 and $25 checks are pretty good too

If you want to see their entries:
Culinary Wrap-Up
Youth Show Wrap-Up


  1. Congrats on all those ribbons! They sure did a great job. I enjoyed looking at their projects. Those cup cake and cookies look fabulous. And, those recyle items are so cute.

    I wouldn't even know where to begin in regards to doing the fair although I am sure it isn't hard!

    Glad you enjoyed the zoo too! It is a perfect time to go.

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow! Those are AWESOME! Good job guys! I am so impressed!!

  3. Impressive!!! Congratulations! I never even thought about entering items into the county fair. Great idea.