Saturday Afternoon

How did my boy spend their Saturday afternoon? Actually, it's every afternoon and sometimes mornings too...
Yeah. That's 27 nearly full grown "chicks" and 4 boys in an 8' x 4' cage. The old brooder cage. They gather them all up and close them up in the cage so they can't escape. Not that the birds try too. They've become quite accustom to being toted around like rag dolls.

Good thing they've grown attached to this batch. Since in a couple weeks they should start laying and we will be saying good-bye to the old birds.


  1. That is so cute,my boy is the same way I have found him outside with his chickens on a blanket under tha shade tree and once on the handle bars getting their pics taken.I love it.
    Your blog design is awesome.
    I am thinking of the unplugging really soon or at least more throughtout the day.

  2. Boys and their chickens are so cute. Funny what they (the boys) can get them (the chickens) to do. It's nice to know mine aren't the only ones (boys) who carry chickens around. :)

  3. I want bock bocks, too! Wah!

    I LOVE the photo of them lovin' on those sweet birds.