A Boy and His Bird

This is Black Hat. She is a Mottled Houdan chicken.

She is also Lakin's chicken.

And he loves her.

He spends hours out back with her.

He hugs her and gives her water and makes sure we all say hello to her.

And he doesn't mind at all that she is a rather unattractive chicken, with 5 toes and a crossed beak and a very loud cackle.

He loves her just how she is. And it is probably one of the most adorable things to witness.


  1. That is the craziest looking chicken I've ever seen! How sweet that it lets your son carry it around like that. I don't think we've ever had a chicken here that the boys could do that to! What sweet birds you must have. :) And the boys are pretty sweet too!

  2. I love this chicken! How awesome that it will stand being held! It's so fantastic when kids get in on the love for animals (especially if they help care for them!).