TN Valley Fair Culinary Arts Wrap-Up

Tomorrow is the drop off day for the Culinary Arts contest. I am not exactly sure why I agreed to let them enter so many categories. But here is a run down of my boys' creations for the fair.

First off we have decorated cookies- all 3 of my older boys entered this category...

Rylan's leaves

Cale's hummingbirds and owls

Cohen's gingerbread men and Christmas trees

Then on to cupcakes....again all 3 entered this category. I really liked how all of these turned out.

Rylan did the red dahlias
Cale did the green monsters
Cohen did the turkeys

On we go....anyone want to come eat dessert at my house?

Brownies- yeah....all 3 again.

Rylan's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies (REALLY good)

Cohen's Mint Chocolate Brownies

and Cale's Marshmallow Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Brownies. My chocolate lover was in heaven while tasting these.

Rylan also entered other categories.

Trail Mix

and Any Other Cookie.
He chose Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (my favorite)

And Cale entered one more...cereal squares.
He chose to make Hot Chocolate Krispies.

And that was 2 days of A LOT of baking. Good thing is that this year the boys are much more independent in the kitchen. I didn't have to do too much helping at all. But I did wash my mixing bowl more times than I cared to.

Now to pack up a lot of the left overs so I can get them OUT of the house tomorrow.


  1. Just send em my way COD! :)

  2. The cookies and cupcakes have me dreaming of fall! OH MY! Those boys have some talent, friend.

    I totally understand about washing the bowls. That is always my job. I love to give it to Matt if he is home.

  3. Oh yummy. Those all look so fabulous. Oh man, I want to eat some of you Fed Ex? LOL.