Tn Valley Fair Entry Wrap-Up

The boys wanted to enter the Youth Show again this year. So they've been working hard the past couple weeks finishing up their entries.

Here are their drawing and painting entries:

(from L to R : Rylan, Cohen, Cale)

They each made a Christmas Ornament:

And up there with Cale's egg snowman is his "any other craft" item. A duct tape bag. Rylan made a pillow:
And Cohen made a wallet.
Cale and Cohen both entered the recycled item category. They both made things out of plastic grocery bags and newspaper. Cohen's pumpkin (shown above) and Cale's 'scarecrow'
They all entered the Holiday Decoration category too. Rylan's Halloween candy container:
And Cohen's Lollipop Rabbit for Easter.
I feel bad that Cale didn't get to do his. He's had a picture taped up on his wall for nearly a year now. He saw it just after last year's fair and intended to do it for this year. It was a bear made out of little pumpkins. But there are no pumpkins and gourds in the stores yet.

Cale's final 2 entries were Paper and Jewelry. Here's what he made:
Cohen's last item was something out of clay. He made a little clay owl:

And Rylan made this birdhouse out of Legos:
Tomorrow is drop-off day! Then they can move on to collecting recipes for the Junior Bakers competition in the Culinary Arts contest.


  1. OH How Fun! Maybe, I will see their entries at the fair. I sure will be cheering them on!

  2. Wonderful projects! I especially like the art in the first pic.