Cub Scout Achievement #6

Start a Collection

My oldest is a natural collector. He collects everything from the fake credit cards we get in the junk mail to rocks to shells to coins. Although he is normally well organized, his shelfs are not. Each collection has it's own box or bag but that is as far as his organization goes. So for the Start a Collection acheivement for his wolf badge I told him he could either fix up one of existing collection with labels and such or he could have something of mine that was in need of some work...of course chose the new collection.

I have this old box. And it is filled 500+ of these:

Some of them are from when I was a collector as a kid. Most I 'inherited' while going through the attic in my childhood house. They've sat in this can for years and years. So the other night we set to work sorting them. Presidents, animals, holidays, famous people, countries, historical, etc....

Last night I gave him my scrapbooking letter stickers, photo splits and an extra photo album and he worked on a couple of pages....

He's about halfway done. I can tell he's proud of it; he's picked the book up and looked though it a few time this morning and showed it off to his brothers.


  1. Caleb loved this achievement too...he is also a collector of...everything!

  2. That is really cool! I can imagine that there are a lot of educational benefits from a stamp collection as all kinds of scientific and historical conversations could spark as a result of their subjects. Have fun!

  3. That is the neatest idea I've seen yet. I've got collectors myself.....

  4. That is a great idea! I am thinking about making a collection corner in the new house. I may have my collector (Alex) start collecting stamps. That sounds like fun!

    Your colelction will be a neat book later.