The differences between boys and girls

This afternoon I ended up with a house full of kids. My own 4, our 8 yr old neighbor, Austin, and 2 girls from down the road about 7 yrs old too...

The boys sit down to drive trains. They zoom around. Block the track. Crash. Fall off cliffs. Drive around in circles going nowhere. Then move on to throwing a suction cup ball at the window.

The girls sit down to drive trains. They grab the only 2 girl trains. They find husbands for their trains. They go visit the nursing home and invite each other's trains over for lunch.

I'm left remembering playing with G.I Joes with my brother when I was younger. I am pretty sure that when I played all my girl G.I Joes' had husbands too. And my brother shot the GI Joes to pieces with his BB gun.


  1. I had to actually teach my daughter how to play Barbies "correctly" when she was about 4 because she'd only played with her brother until then--who popped their heads off and made them into Sid-like toys. She totally gets it now, but I was a wee bit worried back then that her Barbies would never find husbands...

  2. Oh yes. The differences are so disinct. Cyan has learned a lot from her brother... but I am always glad when she hangs out with her friends and comes home talking about how her doll is her baby... and not her alien slave.


  3. That is funny!

    Hi! I found your blog on my Mom's favorites list. I have four little brothers, so a blog title like yours caught my eye. :-)

    I love the Christmas crafts!