...does something start off so right and end so wrong???

The last one he did correctly- he did write 11, but we talked about it and he wrote the 2 and then I left to take Lakin to the doctor, telling Paul that Cale was finishing up his math and to check it when he was done. When I got home I asked if he had checked So we went to look and ??? If I ask him what is 3+2 he can answer me. But for some reason when looking at the facts- even if he has counters to use he just wants to combine the numbers ??


  1. Awww... it's cute! Save it so you can "show progress" later LOL!

  2. Hi Sadie,
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  3. lol :)

    Written facts are so abstract! His answers look logical to me. :)

  4. That is really cute! I love their first understanding. It is kind of like their first mispronunciations. You want to write those down and remember them forever. It shows that once, they were innocent babies. What a nice reminder that is at 12 when they are driving you crazy. Trust me!

    Love Val