Unplanned Additions

We have these bunnies....
Peter And Lop
We've had them about 6 months now. A few months back we could tell for sure that Peter was indeed a boy and Lop appeared to be a girl. We should have been prepared.

Yesterday I noticed hair in the cage. I know nothing about rabbits really so I figured Peter was just getting a little rough, since Lop has had some hair missing from the back of her neck. This afternoon Rylan tells me that there is hair everywhere...that they are pulling it off each other. When I opened the hutch top there was hair all over....then I noticed it moving. And another. And another. 3 babies. We had no clue she was even pregnant.

But now I know that the doe pulls out her fur to make a nest. Now I know that bunnies can be impregnated immediately after giving birth- and Peter in sitting in the cat carrier. And Cale is dancing around saying "I want to keep ALL the babies!!!"

Anyone want a bunny??


  1. Ohhhh! They're precious!

    But NO! I don't want one, thanks! LOL!

  2. Oh, I want a bunny...but I would have to give up a husband....better keep him :)We had a bunny before Caleb, that was the last I got to have a furry critter...

  3. Oooohhh! How sweet. Sorry about the unlucky gift babies.
    If we lived closer we would take one defintely. My daughter has been wanting a bunny forever.
    Your bunnies are so cute.
    I don't know about them either..I read so many books on guinea pigs and had changed my mind about getting some until hubby's brother in a law realized we foster pets from the apl and we rescued both of theirs. LOL
    I so can relate with you on expected pets.
    They are truly adorable.


  4. Oh goodness. I am thanking heaven we only have one rabbit now. ;) Good luck getting rid of those babies. You may just have 5 rabbits in seperate cages. lol!