Randomness and Pictures

I am feeling very uninspired these days...

and with creativity in low supply...

I have nothing of interest to actually write about

I'll let the pictures do the talking; my 4 reasons to keep on trying.


  1. i just found your blog. it was linked from another homeschooling mom which was linked at the TOT school website! i was looking for some games for my 2 year old. . . anyways. . .i just noticed you were from TN. I am as well! I live in strawberry plains, right outside of knoxville!

    anyways. have a blessed day!

  2. even tho you may be feeling a tad uninspired, you are certainly a HUGE inspiration to many of us out here.

    PS your boys are just adorable! I don't know how you do it! Really, I don't. I have 2 boys, and this week has been the pits.

    Anyway.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey! Just sending you some *Big Love* - it must be that time of year 'cos I'm kinda feeling overwhelmed & lacking in inspiration at the moment too & (as the earlier lady mentioned also) I've only the 2 boys!

    Your photography, however, is so good. Very inspiring! I just love the autumn leaves one & your boys are so gorgeous & I love how you ended your sweet little post... 4 reasons to keep trying. Yup, I needed to hear that - sometimes all we can hope is to "keep trying" & before we know it we'll be back in the groove.

  4. I hear ya Sadie.
    I believe we are in the same boat as you are. Nothing really great to share or exciting and very low on the creativity side.
    I'll walk through it with ya.
    I hope we can share some homemade things for christmas..I have a couple ideas maybe homemade suncatchers?
    Hubby and I were talking about doing our Graham Cracer houses with the kids on Christmas eve for something fun and great to do.

    Hugs to you,