Homeschool Memoirs: Games
This week's theme asks us to share our favorite games used for learning in our home. Here are some of our favorites.

  • BINGO! We use bingo for just about everything around here. Language arts especially. We also use it for math facts and number ID for preschoolers.
  • Concentration/Memory- along the same lines as bingo. We don't use it quite as much, but we have a store bought memory game and plus homemade version for upper/lower case letters, number/word matching, and our math fact flash cards- I lay them out and they choose 2 facts that equal the same answer- flipping will reveal if they are right or not.
  • Knock Out! I am not sure if that is the official name, but it's what we call it. For addition we wrie the numbers 2-12 on a 2 sides of a white board and start rolling 2 dice. As each sum is rolled erase the numbers, first one to get them all wins. My oldest and I used to play this every night when he was in really helped him learn his addtion facts.

As far as store bought games: we have a lot of the standard childhood games: Monopoly, UNO, Candyland, Mouse Trap, Yatzee, Scrabble, Battleship, Clue, Cootie, Trouble, Life, Rummy-o, Sorry... some we still waiting to grow into. We probably don't play quite as much as I'd like....probably since the 2 youngers are limited to Candyland and Cootie and can play with Paul or me when we play the ones that require a little more (like Great States! Guess Who, Sorry...etc) I am sure as they get older our game playing will be a little more frequent.

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  1. I love the idea of the knock out game! I will have to try that...