Around the House...

I was going to do a wrap up of 2008- type post, but to tell the truth, New Year's is not real big in our house. We don't do much to celebrate. Nothing's not the end of our year in any way....
But around our house....these little guys are growing up and almost ready to leave their mama. Both- Thumper and Cottontail- have turned out to be lop eared. And whoever ends up being thier owners will recieve some very tame bunnies. This little one (of mine) in particular loves them. He sits with them and when they run away he'll grab them yelling. "Back! me!" Cottontail is good with him. And just his size.
They are going to have a hard time giving them up.

In school new....we've taken off of scheduled work for about 2 weeks and we start back on Monday. I've finally gotten myself back in planning mode....and have a couple lapbooks planned. One on Ancient Greece...which I haven't started and one on "Our World"...which I am just about done with.

I really like planning out our lapbooks, but it does take quite a bit of work since I make almost all the minibooks/templates myself- as well as the activities to go with them. At least I always have someone willing to help with the scissor work. Next week all these books will get filled with words and knowledge


  1. What sweethearts. I would have a hard time giving them up too!

    As far as school is concerned... we will start again eventually. lol... but you look so nice and organized... I wanna be like you when I grow up. ;)


  2. Alex is gone until Monday. Not bad this time... I just started missing him a day or so ago. lol... He called me and asked me if I had gotten over my cold yet that I had when he left and if I was ok. Right at that moment, I wanted him back home. :) He is so sweet!

    Would lapbooking work for older grades? I keep thinking that it would work for Cyan, but not for Alex, and I just can't see trying to make up something for both of them. Sigh... I get stuck a lot in the fact that I have two totally different grades and not sure what to do with the older one when the younger one is having fun. I keep thinking I may try 'moving beyond the page'... I think that would work for both? But I like SOTW. I just can't keep up with it.



  3. The bunnies look very well loved...their new families will be very lucky!

    Aren't you so organized!! Someday I'll get there. Someday...

  4. The bunnies look so sweet! I observed in a classroom once that had a bunny that hopped around the room all day. It was litter box trained and went in and out of its crate at leisure. Are your bunnies like that? Or do they stay in a cage and only come out when the boys want to play?...just curious about the logistics of a pet rabbit. :)

  5. I keep asking Mike if we can have one...he keeps saying no...I love lop eared bunnies!

  6. I love the bunny...I want the bunny....he's soooo cute. I was just wondering how those bunnies were doing.
    I like your school plans, I like how you plan out your lapbooks and make up your own templates that's is abosolutely wonderful.
    Can't wait to see them.