Woodworking 101

For Christmas this year we got Rylan and Cale this:

Looks like fun, huh?? Maybe not complete fun by itself, but paired with this:

And this

And sandpaper, wood glue, a hammer...It makes for a lot of fun. My mom got Rylan a few tools for his 6th birthday from For Small Hands: a drill, hammer, level, sanding block and tape measure. The drill came in handy for Rylan's first creation:

I believe we have a total of 3 trucks now.... They had to drill the holes in the little caps for the wheels.

Then Cale started hammering tacks. In the end he decided it was a "rubber band board" like the geo board we have. Rylan, of course had to make the same.

Here's Cale's first creation. He set to work immediately gluing and hammering all the random shapes onto a block of wood.

We have a work bench for them too. Adult sized....but it will work, and it was free. Now it just needs to warm up outside so they can use it!


  1. Great idea! In a year or two Logan will be all over stuff like this. He already loves his blocks. I love their creations!


  2. We just started our boys on woodworking, too. Its fun to do and they learn skills they will always be able to use. Neat projects you made!

  3. That is a GREAT idea!!! I may have to do something like that for Harrison for Christmas or his b'day. That boy loves to build.