Hard at Work

We've been hard at work this week. Rylan and Cale have been working through the "My World" lapbook I created, which spans from the Milky Way to TN and everywhere in between, with a focus mostly on geography.
So far this is the most writing intensive lapbook we've done, and they are doing really well with it. I think Rylan is close to the point where writing will stop being work and become something natural- if I could only get him spelling on his own.

Cale is improving. He's been sick with headaches all week, but in the mornings when he is at his best he's done a lot of hard work .


  1. those are awesome! but I'm sad that Pluto isn't a planet anymore...

  2. To me Pluto is a planet....Rylan did put it in his book, Cale was just done writing by he didn't want to.

  3. looks really great and your kiddos look and sound very busy.