Peanut Lapbook

Today we finished up the peanut lapbook I posted about yesterday. It was a quick unit, but they enjoyed it and I think they will retain the information well. Here is Rylan's completed lapbook:
And here is Cale's:

The books included:

Parts of a peanut plant (with the picture taken from here)
Time line of the Peanut- from seed to harvest
Mini book on George Washington Carver
From Nut to Butter: How to Make Peanut Butter
Uses of the Peanut accordian book
Where in the World? Peanut Producing Countries
Where in the US do peanuts grow?
The Peanut Butter Experiment (also explained in my previous post)
Other types of Legumes
On the back they glued thier copywork printed from here

and Rylan's also included peanut math. Where I wrote out 5 word problems like these: If 1 acre of peanuts makes 30,000 sandwiches, how many does 7 acres make? and If you have 200 peanuts do you have enough for each of your 5 friends to have 32 peanuts each?


  1. great lapbook..when I grow up I want to lapbook like you :)

  2. Wow love your lapbook looks great clean and simple but, yet lots of great information but, in simple understanding format love it.

    ps thanks for sharing where you found some of your items. :)